Fadia Safi

Fadia Safi

I have a diploma in Social Service and a Master degree in Management.
I am married to Gebran Safi and have two daugthers Cynthia and Elise.

I am co-founder, president and general manager of SESOBEL.I work for Sesobel since1976, co- founder of social workers syndicate in Lebanon and member of its executive committee, member in the executive committee of UNAPIEI Lebanon: the National union of people and institutions for mentally handicap, also member of Rehabilitation International, in Mena region, honorary member of ''Les guides du Liban." (A scout mouvement for the girls)

At Sesobel we care for children and youth with disability since 1976, 450 children and youth benefit from our services. They have mental and/or a physical disability and autism. We have many partners around the world, who help us to develop our services and keep us always updated to know the best practices for our children.

ICPS is one of our partners and we collaborated together, through training sessions in Lebanon and abroad, and I consider that it is a great opportunity for us to be member of the ICPS board.

It gives us the possibility to know what is happening in the field of CP all over the world and may adapt our practices or share our knowledge with others.


Fadia Safi

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